"Campaigning is not just a handshake. It's about listening and representation."

Louisville, Colorado



Current Issues

 1. Stance on a plastic bag fee/tax for Louisville.
2. Stance on working towards getting an underpass across South Boulder Road to Old Town.
3. Stance on sustainable development in Louisville. 

I have had several residents ask about a plastic bag fee and I support it. I visited a friend in San Francisco recently and saw what a difference it made. Our neighbor Boulder has successfully reduced bag waste and I hope Louisville will too. 

     The underpass  will be a priority for me. It is unfortunate that the original forecast was far below actual current costs. I plan to work with the city finance manager and review our master budget to see where we might find the funds we will need. Waiting will only only mean higher costs. 

 Sustainable development will be a very important issue with the new Nawatny Ridge project facing us at the previous Conoco Phillips site. I have attended both meetings and already worked with our city planner to understand the importance of the future impact of this high density campus. I hope to fully disseminate ongoing information to my ward 1 residents and Louisville residents. I am an analytical person and will research all ways to keep our town sustainable.

 I encourage you to watch the League Of Women Voters forum posted on the city website. It will give you a closer look at all of the candidates.

CAC Questionaire and Answers


CAC Questionaire and Answers

 Citizens Action Council (CAC) 2019 Louisville Candidate Questionnaire for City Council and Mayoral Candidates  

CAC Forum

Saturday 10 am

Alfalfas Event Room

785 East South Boulder Road

1.   Discuss the interface between our revenue structure and land use plan, and how this interface affects the City’s fiscal sustainability.    
  I believe in and support out Land Use Comprehensive plan. “The City has a long-standing commitment to managed growth. The City believes strongly that local control and land use planning enhance our ability to meet the goals/mission of the City Comprehensive Plan and improve the overall quality of life.”  I suggest we find creative ways to repurpose existing properties that have been vacant or are still in early stages of development.  
  For example, the Kohl’s property owner’s plan to put in three to four boutique stores, is a strategy to repurpose an under utilized large box store that is part of declining retail store trends.  
  With my retail experience in both a Fortune 500 company and a successful small business, I can make experienced suggestions to the City and the Economic Developer, in their exploration to find the right businesses for the Louisville business community on McCaslin Boulevard.  
  2.  Give your definition of “Small Town Character”, and give examples of how City policies can detract from or contribute to this concept?    
  Successful small towns are about diversity and economic inclusion. I would be vigorous in reaching out to store owners and entrepreneurs to find ways Louisville’s business development resources can mentor, support and nurture businesses as they take root and grow. As Councilwoman, it will be my intention to promote economic inclusion and sustainability that will attract a broader customer mix.  
  I am not yet familiar with all of the City’s policies, however, I can speak to the ones that affected me directly as a small business owner. In July of 2018, at the height of our summer tourist season, the City of Louisville changed 74 parking spaces downtown from all day to 2-hours. This restricted visitors and residents from having a leisurely meal and shopping afterwards, to a rushed meal without time for patronizing the local shops.  
  It has been my experience, that the general consensus among the retail community, feel the city has lent favor to eateries, while offering less enthusiasm in supporting the retail shops. I believe both businesses are crucial to the fiscal health of our city.

  3.  Tell us your top three priorities for the City, and explain why these would be your top three priorities if elected.    
  1. I would suggest that we begin a dialogue with local developers to encourage affordable housing as a part of their ongoing plans. For example, the Phillips Conoco property is now being looked at to include senior care facilities.    
  2. As the Louisville communities continue to grow, the focus on safety for our children is key. I would like to see more proposals on how we might protect them.On October 15th, I will be attending a forum with Colorado's Attorney General Phil Weiser, in addressing firearm safety.     
  3. I would like to see parking issues be a major part of the conversation with our businesses and the community.

  4.   What you would do if elected to sustain or enhance the walkability of our neighborhoods?    
  As Councilwoman, I would like to see more ideas and options generated for increased or enhanced public parking. Reducing auto congestion and emission pollution improves Louisville’s residents’ overall quality of life.  
  Speaking specifically about the downtown area, would be to limit or restrict and encourage construction, repairs, and upgrades other than from the summer months. Many people assume the holiday season is the most profitable. But, unlike the large retailers and chain restaurants, it is my understanding that the most profitable time for Louisville businesses is the summer season.  
  5.  What should the City do to fight climate change?    
  Anything to do with environmental sustainability is a priority for me. Since Colorado is a leader in environmental protection, Louisville could create its own strategy to support green living. To start, I would propose a program that provides rebates and incentives for sustainable products such as solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and low-energy heating and air conditioning units.    
  I believe in sharing information and educating each other in ways that impact behavior. Not everyone may be aware of how hazardous waste chemicals affect our lives. Nor does everyone understand the importance of simple composting. Education is the answer. As a city council member, I would like to work closely with the Sustainability Advisory Board to disseminate information.  
  Thank you for the opportunity to respond to these important and thoughtful questions for our community.